Keith Haring Lithograph Future Primeval Vintage Art Print


KEITH HARING (1958-1989) A leading Neo-Pop artist, was one of the most articulate members of his generation. He captivated the imaginations of New York City commuters with his subway wall drawings in the early 1980s, and later exhibited his works in prestigious museums throughout the world. The international success of his work has given rise to a proliferation of art in public places. Quick simple and direct, Haring's compositions of Radiant Babies and Barking Dogs draw one's attention to the playful surface activity, while beneath, one discovers Haring's unique world of sinister and subtle humor.    

Original Edition Exhibition Poster on wove paper, 1990.  Paper Size: 37 x 21 inches.  Published by Queens Museum, NY.  Excellent condition; unframed. 

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